Confuse car of toy of your remote control to turn your desk into cross-country f

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Confront computer screen and keyboard everyday, as dry as a chip and drab pressure lives heavily, whether can you let you feel not to have joy of life? So, you might as well buy a TAKARA TOMY R/C Buggy to confuse car of your remote control to play, when you are handling official bussiness, the bag also won't feel dull definitely.

The Q Steer TAMIYA R/C Buggy Car that rolls out by TAKARA TOMY of Japanese toy manufacturer and TAMIYA collaboration place, it is the newest product of set of car of remote control of Q Steer infrared ray, continuance Chro Q the modelling of egg car, after the authorization that obtains model of TAMIYA cropland palace, with taking the place of 1980 3 kinds of the most welcome models such as grasshopper of bumblebee of the most popular car of cross-country remote control, green are chief source, development goes quite lovely have the car of small-sized remote control that spends cross-country function gently again.

Have 6 centimeter volume only endlong, weight only the Q Steer TAMIYA R/C Buggy Car of 22.44 grams, rear wheel uses metallic spring before suspensory, rear wheel is more cross-country and special embryo, because chassis compares general Q Steer to come high, because this can climb the height that climbs fall 7mm, wait to be able to be broken through easily like clavier, pencil so, be equal to turn desk into to exceed the cross-country field that confuses you. And relatively used button shape LR44 in the past small cell, this time TAKARA TOMY changes collect charge type, 3 remote controllers of 4 batteries are equal to device is to charge, connect bodywork and remote controller undertake charging, about 50 seconds can play 2 minutes, when be being saved already be economical.