Bizarre acrobatics machine bird: Bird of machine of spy of for military use and

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The professor that expend dragon and its assistant are being revealed " acrobatics machine bird "

Executable military affairs scouts the machine of the taskImplement bird

"Machine falcon " the task is to frighten run all sorts of birds

Toy of flapping wing plane

The leadership that group of a scientific research teachs in Fei Long issues American Masschusetts Institute of Technology, the project of bird of machine of spy of for military use that begins to develop institute of navy of bureau of space navigation of lab of You Delei Po, United States, United States to aid financially from 1998, scored a success a few days ago, make successfully gave a kind of very address machine bird: Acrobatics machine bird.

In fact, this is a kind very small, the helicopter with motor-driven higher performance, can fly automatically, but flexible for emergency use, can carry carry cargo matter. The follow-up that the miniature helicopter that Masschusetts Institute of Technology develops is X-Cell 60, it is first radio control helicopter on the world, also be a share that aircraft of U.S. Army miniature plans. This kind of aircraft can carry the goods that carries 3 kilograms many, can finish 360 degrees to turn with higher rate at the same time, have complex for emergency use.

The develop person of miniature helicopter expresses, this kind remote operation of remote control aircraft is very simple, convenient, anybody can master easily, the most important is, it can fly automatically: Take off, descend, automatic motor-driven, because this is called " acrobatics machine bird " . Helicopter of this kind of miniature makes an appointment with 3 kilograms again, equipment is inertial the equipment such as system of location of whole world of sensor, gyroscope, altimeter, GPS and airborne computer, maintain wireless connection through aether net and ground.
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