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Change II model will carry high-definition according to participate in the lunar

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If you want to see the "Chang'e II" satellites to space photographs and video images of the style, then please come on the eighth China Air Show Space Museum. November 8, from the "Chang'e II" returned lunar satellite Rainbow Bay area was first announced by the local image maps. This image in the October 28 black and white photographs, marked "Chang'e II" project mission success. Eighth in the upcoming air show, the "Chang'e II" from space back to the moon for more photos and look back to Earth from space, the video images will be on display, so that the general audience can feel the space close technology, magic and charm. At the last air show, the "Shenzhou VII" back cabin, and some astronauts use gloves, flags and other items have caused a sensation, and the exhibition space, the Moon pictures and video due attention, is expected to be no less the "seven gods" capsule. It is reported that, as the "Chang'e II" developer of the satellite, one of the current air show organizers, the majority of Aerospace Technology Group to meet the aspirations of space enthusiasts, will be organized on behalf of my highest level of aviation technology exhibition more than 240 projects, for the first time appearance of the exhibits, including "Chang'e II" satellite model. In addition to models, from the "Chang'e II" moon shot the photos of the latest technology in the aerospace field within the Group's exhibition show. According to sources, is flying around the Moon, "Chang'e II" satellite, its main task is to Rainbow Bay on the moon shooting high-definition, to verify the future "Chang'e III" lunar soft landing of the key technologies. Therefore, the "Chang'e II" is equipped with a CCD camera resolution than the "Chang'e I" much higher, run a circular orbit of 100 km resolution is better than 10 meters into the 100 km × 15 km elliptical orbit is able to up to 1 meter. This includes not only the air show display the latest pictures taken on the Moon, also includes "Chang'e II" Looking back on Earth from space, the video image. Another concern is the integration of satellite earth to run demonstration projects sandbox. According to reports, the satellite sand table 7 meters in diameter, fully demonstrate the Aerospace Technology Group is implementing the Compass satellite navigation project. The system is self-developed regional active three-dimensional satellite positioning and communication system (CNSS), is in addition to the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS), the third after Russia's GLONASS satellite navigation system mature. In addition, the Aerospace Technology Group focused on the debut exhibition project also includes three exploration projects, firefly I satellite, DFH V satellite platform, the state disaster emergency rescue command system and so on-site. Aerospace Science and Technology revealed that the person in charge, at the Venice Film Festival, widely acclaimed 3D film "Space Man" will also be shown in the company's exhibition cycle, when the audience can experience the magic through the movie, a trip into space.