[Knowledge] car model: Burnish and chromatically

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  After the model has been combined, model surface can have a lot of crack, such meetings affect the exterior of the model and sense of reality badly, must want to undertake repairing to model aperture so. Main tool is filling earth, file and sand paper. What want an attention additionally is a model must want to be stuck with glue when combination receive firm, otherwise after aperture is repaired split very easily again.
Wait for filling earth after completely dry solidify (about 45 hours) can undertake burnish. Use file file first, want down radian, get when file about the same when (want oneself to judge) change sand paper burnish. Sand paper grade is higher, delegate grain is finer. Use 400 first normally, reoccupy 600, 800. A bit water had better be touched to come when the sand paper that uses 800 above burnish, such surfaces will be more flowing. Fill sometimes the sunken line that earth can fill a model, can fill quarter times with burin after burnish is over sunken line.
Be about after burnish is good filling earth of a water, it is fluid shape, can examine a case that repairs burnish, at the same time it is grayish, can use the impression of the model. Be about to put on one day when discovery needs to be repaired again, burnish is repaired again after waiting for water filling earth to work.
Can go up after burnish is good lubricious. Everybody can use hand besmear to also can use gush pen. Hand besmear advantage is to be able to besmear a few fine places, besmear is bigger nevertheless when the area appear easily pen mark. When bedding face of gush pen gush is accumulated very even, lacquer layer is thinner, the effect is better, but petty place is about to use color separation of glue paper cover, more troublesome.
Introduce the method of hand lacquer first. Commonly used model draw Qi Tu expects general component is lacquer of ability in swimming and oily lacquer. Country's common brand has Tian Gong (can consult lacquer expresses the Tian Gong of this station) , county person (can consult person lacquer expresses the county of this station) , modular king, celestial being is filled with etc. Dry of oily Qi Gan is slow, hand Tu Shi is evener, and lacquer of ability in swimming suits to be used at gush pen quite. Those who want an attention is ability in swimming is mixed oily two kinds of coating are to cannot mix together to use, the coating of different brand also does not mix use.
Before chromatically first what agitate paint makes is even. With pen wool softer paintbrush touchs a few coating, blow in bottle not salty, adjust the quantity containing lacquer on the pen. When begin to write or paint by left to right, move in order to stabilize even force. Besmear is over after brushstroke, next brushstroke also are by left to right besmear, and mix the brim jackknife little of brushstroke. The force when begin to write or paint wants light, want to have the feeling that lets the paint on the pen flow in the surface gently, the movement is smaller, pen mark is jumped over not apparent.
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