[Knowledge] abecedarian of car model hobby should notice to collect content fixe

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  The person's individual character, interest likes each not identical, although be the person that likes to collect car model, also often can choose different scale and different and phyletic car model. This lover is entered first, be necessary to collect content to come to his a fixed position, ability is unapt in model inn of full of beautiful things in eyes presbyopia looks before displaying.
1: 18 models size is larger, look more conspicuous, take there also is a feeling very much in the hand, and large size provided a space to the depict of detail, in 1: It is OK that tinier part and more can see on the model of 18 mobile place. Under photograph comparing, general small proportional model cannot be accomplished. Look from the market, production 1: The manufacturer of 18 cars model is more, have to costly high-quality goods from cheaper introductory product, the room of the choice is bigger. And 1: The model of 18 is most of tide of auto industry of follow closely world, often a true car appears before long, 1: The model of 18 can be bought. Of course 1: 18 also have its drawback, basically be model and the bulk that pack big, the area that occupy is large, to collect the trouble with be brought certain, additionally 1: The model of 18 is the common product on the market mostly, have the curiosity that set limit to issues rarely, buy so 1: 18 models suit to basically stem from the purpose player of enjoy quite.
Collect technically as a result of him author 1: The model of 18, compare understanding to this scale so. Will evaluate according to oneself experience 1: A few of 18 models common brands.
Consider do manual work, undoubted AUTOART and capital business are the most outstanding, no matter processing of integral select material, detail still is exterior spray paint, it is perfectly, this respect UT and GATE take second place. GATE is mixed in China same home factory makes AUTOART, have move and the do manual work with adjacent latter, defective is detail description wants all but. The charge for the making of sth. of UT and GATE are similar, but always feel a bit less simple sense of the metal. More plastic than be being chosen like 3 afore-mentioned brands the material that serves as bumper, so that obtain the accord with true car. This respect AUTOART and GATE are done weller, and the bumper of UT is plastic flavour is too thick, for instance BMW Z3.
The charge for the making of sth. of MAISTO and BBURAGO wants all but under photograph comparing. Look from dynamic viewpoint, MAISTO is in progress, and BBURAGO is not entered retreat, the do manual work that waits for earlier model like F 550 is good, but 360 MODENA and MASERATI 3200GT the charge for the making of sth. of two newer models is not quite satisfactory. The defect of BBURAGO is the description of detail, sometimes very optional, some are lack fidelity. Do not cross MAISTO of the Qi Zhihe finishing of BBURAGO or excel. The detail processing of MAISTO begins to be improved gradually, my individual thought to had exceeded BBURAGO is UT even. The level that waits for a few models like JAGUAR XK180, ASTON-MARTIN DB7 VANTAGE and PORSCHE CARRERA GT is taller. The heel of Achilles of MAISTO is spray paint quality difference and treatment quality are not high, the do manual work of the car of a few antique of ANSON is good, but the charge for the making of sth. of a few contemporary cars lets a person dare not flatter. WELLY is a bit better than ANSON, but summary abdicate is mixed at MAISTO BBURAGO.
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