[Knowledge] the model maintains recipe

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Buy oneself beloved model when us after coming home, I think everybody can arrive beforehand certainly same a problem: How to maintain it? Actually model car is mixed of true car maintain the method is basic and same, basically be antirust and maintain automobile body burnish, particular way is as follows:

2, whole body giving a car makes upper mould car special vehicle dried meat (actually true car vehicle dried meat OK also) , immediately with flannelette polish, repeat every year next, be like,make sure your love car is ablaze new, complacent.
3, if economy is permitted, buy but the model that continue assembles is special 10 thousand taste casing, dustproof hold concurrently moistureproof, can assemble by oneself, very good with.
4, the natural ageing of the plating nickel accessory of car model and tire, it is car confusing heart is medium the most painful, solve method to only commonly used flannelette is wiped and change regularly tire touchdown dot, will lengthen its lifecycle.
Want you to be able to hold to only according to above method, your love vehicle is proper can retentive very good, put so that be in long also can resemble new same.
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