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  Feng Tian is in the world the sharp edge head of cross-country tounament not as good as 3 water chestnut, Fuji, it is element of front row contend for hegemony all the time however, changed Corolla go into battle, actual strength still -- want what Spain stands to take 98 years fall does field edition Corolla WRC come home?

This 1: The model car of 24, be Spain of a person's mind of injury of return of Feng Tian Corolla the Lang Ni that add a tower inferior, at the chariot that 98 years the 5th bout takes part in the match. It not only deserve to have whole automobile body protective wearing and mothball tire, still have structure of the around suspension of join batholith part and four-wheel drive machinery, make very careful. Car bazoo reachs blast tuyere more installed nylon adornment, the elephant is spent really amount to a few but the level of look genuine.

   Model manufacturer is contended for roll out

Long Gu Chuan is the market go up most the manufacturing business that rolls out this model car first, after Tian Gong tightens therewith. Character respect, better with Tian Gong, because size is exact, when making but dispense with is not little if revise, the working procedure such as burnish.

   The line of opening of automobile body water of this car model is particularly little, the door limit that approachs coping more apparently only and head, end defends position rushing fence. The although line of ordinary water opening is special much ala that decide wind, today second plastic cast time to also comparative excellent, decrease as far as possible to least. So, automobile body is preliminary need to use burnish of 600 young sand paper only, decorate with sand paper of 1000 water mill again next can.

   Chromatically part difficulty is not quite tall, but this measure must take care, otherwise the working procedure later can take pain to more. Above all, the Tian Gong on gush is the same as lacquer of the ash end the double star white of the factory, wait for dry after appearing, again the white grey lacquer of family name of the county on gush, automobile body color chooses number light to reach 46 smooth lacquer in vain.
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