[Knowledge] static car model: How to make model metal colour

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  A few parts that we know static car pattern are had done when manufacture eletroplate of processing. But cut the part from flow path when us when falling, can appear in the joint of component and flow path " water mouth " , when undertaking handling to water mouth when us for example burnish, meeting general of its surface aureate at the same time burnish is dropped.
The first pace: The tint that place to go takes formerly.
It is OK to have two kinds of methods on surface layer of component of place to go aureate:
It is to grind, go to component burnish next all plating are aureate, show the instinctive quality of the component.
Must take care with this kind of method, do not make the surface of the component is damaged.
2 it is to use blanch water and water with 1: The scale of 2 is attenuant, be in the component attenuant in blanching water, immerse 15 minutes, aureate surface layer can fall off naturally.
Oneself use the first kind of method all the time, because can be opposite at the same time the fall of the component, the surface, water mouth undertake handling. Burnish tool is waterproof abrasive paper arrives from 800# 2000# .
The 2nd pace: The 顏 of metal of emersion metal simple sense is lubricious, be like aureate, what very few 會 uses former 裝 is aureate. And what use normally is with 銀 lubricious render, add the color with on one transparent 層 , be like transparent 黃 color or orange.
And the Mr that a few relatively simple methods are use county family name. Metal Color. That can express 現 to give very good metal colour.
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