[Knowledge] do you know the story of car model?

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  Your car model to the full of beautiful things in eyes in bazaar is not new perhaps, but, what how make do you know to these car models are? How much is the crop of model of a car about, is car model collected what kind of sense to have again? To find the solution of these problems, the reporter interviewed car moulding technically to make an expert.
Although manufacturer is potential,manufacturer of many cars model produces accredit the car model of same model, but because each brand is careful to car model the demand of degree is diverse, those who comprise car model tear open an amount to be able to differ a lot of. This also is the main reason of great disparity of price of model of likewise proportional car. Be the same as a car for example, the car model that Ao Tasheng produces may have 200 many tear open, martha graph has 100 only many, so model of more delicate abstruse develop car can sell 300 multivariate, and the model of Martha graph car of consumer of side serious people sells only 100 multivariate.
Relative to the 4 old technology that make at the car, actually the production of car model also should experience 4 level. It is the scale that asks according to car model makes greasy filth model above all, need the 45 time of the day about; The 2nd pace is to make to assure car model accuracy tear open a hand board, namely before the mould is produced proofread board, also need to make an appointment with 45 days; The 3rd pace is the pattern that place of model of car of the production that make uses, generally speaking metal pattern is provided 3, 4, plastic make an appointment with 10 with the mould of PVC film, need makes an appointment with 70 days; Be similar to the big batch production of car production line to assemble namely finally, the worker that there are 80 or so on an automation line commonly works at the same time, crop of a day is less than 300.
"Look from time, if hope to roll out the car model of this model while new car appears on the market, should shift to an earlier date at least half an year begins to undertake corresponding preparation. " Yellow Sea is amounted to divulge, "This also means car model manufacturer to appear on the market to be able to take new car before New Year partly in new car each are main parameter. " but regretful is, manufacturer of domestic car model lacks a brand generally to prop up, do not have international more the channel lien of well-known trademark, obtain the car model authorization of high-end brand very hard so, can be production of well-known trademark acting industry only.
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