[Knowledge] greasy filth model designs medium application in car automobile body

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Model of inchoate car automobile body is multi-purpose gesso and board are material, woodiness model characteristic is to be out of shape small, not easy damaged, can save for a long time. Gesso is cheaper, but intensity is inferior, and inconvenience is revised at relapsing. Japan used industrial greasy filth to undertake the design of car model is developed first 1955. Company of American general motors designed greasy filth application development model to the car 1972, make car design cast off the history that gets the gesso with inflexible be confined to, board. Our country is to be at the beginning of 70 time begin to use this one technology. Current, almost famous to all worlds Motor Corporation, model of the greasy filth that make is a very important segment in designing a process.

The characteristic of model of 1 greasy filth

Why can greasy filth make the first selection of car model material? Main reason is this kind of material facilitating figuration, revise and complement. Division of greasy filth model is OK in the process of model of sculpture greasy filth very undertake experiment, exploration to appearance of all surface detail conveniently, compare and revise. Greasy filth is to use olefin, vaseline, grease to join filler previously (wait like French chalk) heat fusion, but synthesize material to replace with plasticity already now, greasy filth is the mixture that waits for composition with additive of grease, filling, modified and dye. Synthetic material greasy filth heats (like 60 ~ 70 ℃ ) hind, very easy lay out is on framework, cooling to room temperature its surface is met sclerotic, but still can wait for a tool to machine figuration easily with tailor-made drawknife, moldboard, file, very slick surface can get after finishing. The model facilitates revise, not easy decency dry or chap, dimension is consequently stabler, make the car model data that uses the most extensively now so.

2 traditional automobile body design circuit

Inchoate automobile body design uses traditional design method, whole process is based on manual design to finish, cent designs two phase for notional design and technology. Basically include manual modelling to model of design, objective is made and be designed according to the structure of experience. Its characteristic is the data information that the kind that whole design process must carry objective and blueprint couple will convey a design and passes a design. Block diagram of traditional flow of method of automobile body design is shown 1 times like the graph.

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